This scarf is a passionate design with hot colors. Fuchsia, purple and vibrant satsuma orange. These contagious bougainvillea’s that grow wild! This scarf is to remind you that there is a never-ending growth in your life. You have branches that are called to reach far and never stop blossoming! The bougainvillea is such a strong plant yet with petals on each blossom are so delicate. Such a delight to mankind. The colors are so life giving. This luxury design has a ostrich trim finish for something fun and to tickle your heart!
Cydney's Inspiration 
When I was in Israel last October 2022, I could not believe the bougainvillea’s that grow like wild fires all around Israel. Each and every day I was in awe of this wondrous tree that just seems to overtake any dark area and bring such life and color!  We would be walking in and out of the stone villages and strong cement walled areas and all of a sudden there is this glorious bougainvillea that is growing all up the building and the entire the area! It’s a contagious growth! I would be walking to the grocery store some days and a trip that should take 10 minutes would take me an hour as I had to stop and just gaze at the beauty! The colors I have never seen!
I captured some amazing tile work while in Jerusalem also and put the detailing of this beautiful bird design on each end. I decided to use some white ostrich for something fun and different!