2023- You ARE ready for the Big one!

2023- You ARE ready for the Big one!

You are ready for the big one! You ARE ready to ride the wave that has been swelling up the past few years! It is coming, a tsunami of goodness that is going to swell up over your life! But the only way to conquer the fear and truly ride this glory wave is with Family and good friends that surround you!  Many of us have felt defeated and the disappointments have come. We have too easily let our conscience or reason dictate our actions from ever taking the first step towards our biggest dreams and goals in life.

Well, I am declaring and decreeing over you that 2023 is the year you will ride the big one. The TSUNAMI of God’s great goodness and kindness that is coming after you. You have a family (it does not have to be a natural family- it can be an adopted spiritual family) and you have friends- that’s US here at Love’s Pure Light (Me, Mom-Kathy, Krystal, Sarah) we are backing you up agreeing you will get your feet wet this year and 2023 you will be FULLY FREE. Think of the words you can place Infront of FREE. -  Clutter-free, doubt-free, debt-free, fear-free, debris-free, sickness-free. I want you to declare over yourself

“I will be fear-free in 2023! This is the year, a wave of Jubilee is sweeping over ME! Yes, for this year I will clearly SEE, there is a new “ME” that will shine totally FREE! Love will sing, I GUARANTEE! 2023 I have been given the key! Now won’t you agree!?”

2023 is going to require some adjustments as there is always a war going on, and the battles come.  You must remember God never said it would be easy all the time, but he promised to be with us and hold us up through it all so we reach our dreams in 2023. Think about some of the adjustments you might need to make. My biggest encouragement is to fully surround yourself with those who believe in you. Cut off any dead weights that might start you thinking in the doubt.  The one thing that God is so pleased with is our faith!

There is strength in numbers. Dreams have not ceased just because there may have been delays. Think of just how much you have grown with wisdom, new strengths, new ideas, new perspectives and paradigm shifts of thinking, watching yourself recover, growing in relationships, learning to laugh and have stronger discernment.  The list goes on! These new attributes have welled up in your inner-man to be prepared for 2023. Not in fear but in radical faith for radical growth!  That is what is going to help you to take to ride the big one coming!

Give God your yes. Just say to him,

“God even when I am not willing, make me willing to be more willing!”

 It does not have to be a big crazy word - simply by saying yes to him and believe that you are going to step into some new found territory this year. Your stakes have gone already in the ground! Remember with every risk, comes a mighty reward. Who knows that you might be the very trailblazer for friends to follow!  Faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen. Hope is a confident expectation that God will fulfill His promises to us!  In fact, it is also a sense of trust. He put dreams in your heart that only YOU can fulfill! You must go after them this year. Love is the most important virtue of it all. I always say if you don’t feel the love, then wait. Love must direct all of our actions. You must never feel pressured or pushed.

2023 is the year that we have been forged into powerful love weapons each with such unique skills, traits, and strengths! We have learned so much these past few years only to see that the year NOW is the year we will dance on the waters! We will walk on the water. We will get our feet wet while others may jump in. Take on that project, say yes to fulfilling your dreams. Go share your deepest desire with someone who you know will encourage you! You must speak it out and release what has been welling up in your heart. Life is so short and there are people waiting for you. You are the answer to someone else’s prayer. Only YOU can touch the people by your love. They are waiting for you!

Make giving a priority in your walk, whenever you feel down go fix your eyes on someone else and be the voice of encouragement they may need. Watch your fears and problems disappear. You will find that simply giving a word of encouragement to someone will refresh you! Those that refresh others will be refreshed! You know, stepping outside of ourselves we overcome the rejection. God is smiling at you!

Now the wave is curling up, you are called to swim up the current and into the curl. We at Love’s Pure Light are with you 100% this year. We have many hugs to release when you need that strength or someone to agree with you. We want to hear from you more this year! For when you are surrounded by a great cloud of people in faith who believe in you, success is imminent! Just remember, success does not look like money in a bank account! Success looks like friendship with God, and trusting the love that surrounds you. When you feel hopeless, faithless, heard bad news or the hard days as humans, just remember God, will always bring you someone who hopes in you! We have enough hope to share with you!

If one alone says yes, I will go do it….  then another one comes along and says wait… I will go with you! How much further will they go together than one alone! If two lie down together they can keep warm. But how can one stay warm alone? How much more faith will you have to ride the big one this year when you know you have a whole love army following you?

Happy New Year everyone!

I am so excited for what 2023 will bring for us! BE EXPECTANT!




  • Debra Wright

    Ecclesiastes 4:9,10
    Two are better than one, because they have a good return for their labor
    If either of them falls down, one can help the other up. But pity anyone who falls and has no one to help them up
    Thank you for posting this meaningful scripture at the end of your message!!! It has special meaning to me!!!

    You dear Cydney and your precious co workers are incredible “two’s”

    Jesus sent out his disciples in “two’s” Luke 10:1
    Thank you for coming along side and always encouraging and helping us along the path that has been set before us!!! I personally have been held up by You and your mom these past months. I am so very thankful to God for you, each and everyone one!!! \o/ 💕♥️💕

  • Sharon Leeming Mann

    This message is soooo inspiring Cydney! Bring on 2023 Lord God, I’m ready!

  • Donna Eid

    This so encouraged me❤️

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