Bubbles of Joy 2022




This time of year, advertisements scream with the message, "A New Year, A New You." We are told happiness is found by buying more, doing more, becoming more. There is nothing wrong with self-improvement but before we look outwardly, let's turn inwardly and remember our sacredness. If we quiet ourselves, we can remember what connects us to JOY. What elicits JOY in you? Not a temporal fix of happiness but a pathway to pure JOY. A JOY that goes beyond emotions to your essence. This month, Loves Pure Light is unveiling the scarf, Bubbles of Joy… to remind you of the effervescent (vivacious and enthusiastic) nature of your Spirit. True JOY can't help but bubble up and out and spread to those we encounter. Uncork the joy by taking one thing that brings you JOY and sharing it with others. Here are some ideas:

  • If you love to bake- bake a treat and share it with a neighbour, you haven't introduced yourself to yet.
  •  If you find joy in reading~ wrap a book that brought you joy in plain brown paper. Think of someone who would love the book and write their name and why you think it would bring them joy on the brown paper wrapping and present them with this personal gift.
  • If you love to watch hockey at the local skating rink, invite a senior or child to watch the game with you with a promise of a hot beverage to keep them warm.
  •  Why not be that person that surprises the next person in line behind you by purchasing their drink or even lunch?

This truly is such a rewarding feeling, and bubbles of joy are guaranteed from the simple activities of uncorking your joy and allowing someone else's day to bubble up with a smile! This month remember what brings you JOY. Because JOY… will open windows, doors, and gateways.

--- Cydney 

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  • Kathy Fish

    Any idea when your bubbles of joy will be back available for sale? It is absolutely beautiful.

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