406 The Proverbs 31 Woman

Take an Escape into this Design  
This scarf is a colorful design that is to represent the color and abundance that you walk in as a mighty woman! This design truly is simply a creative expression of proverbs 31. Do you know a woman who fits into this description? I am pretty sure you do! Infact ALL women fit into this description. Sit and marinate this beautiful blessing of inheritance and identity over you. Proverbs 31 Proverbs 31 gives hope and a challenge to any modern-day woman.  For single men who are looking for an honorable wife, it is a sketch of a good woman!   The proverb begins by stating that an excellent wife is difficult to find, but when she is found, “she is far more precious than jewels,” It appears that the proverbs woman spent her days doing good unto others, starting with her husband. She was a woman of character who could be trusted.
This woman was busy with her hands and her mind.  Far from the idle caricature that modern feminism paints, she was not afraid to get her hands dirty, was a friend of economy, and kept a tight. She invested wisely and she was far from a spend-thrift.  Because of her wisdom with money, she had her own property, a vineyard and she was business savvy.
She is a strong woman who thinks ahead of the game.  Because of her hard work and preparation for her family, if hardship struck, she would not be taken by surprise and left destitute.  Her wisdom and kindness not only extended to her family, but also those who were poor. She was not consumed only with her household but paid attention to the needs of the family and the world.   The proverbs woman was not able to accomplish these things merely because of talent.  It appears that the focus is more on this woman’s character.  She is hardworking, faithful, and wise, as seen by her actions.
She is also noted to be a woman who, “opens her mouth with wisdom” and kindness.  This was not a cut-throat businesswoman, but a woman who put others first, including her family and her husband. It is probably because of her behind-the-scenes, selfless work that her husband could have a prominent position.  Had she not taken care of these things, the household would have been in shambles.
Her family knew this.  They praised her for her work. Yet it was not simply the praise of her family that was her reward for her labors—those labors spoke alone in front of God and man.  Many women spend their days trying to preserve beauty, which only fades, and be alluring, which is simply not real.  However, Proverbs 31 concludes by pointing to this woman’s source of beauty—she feared God.  She honored and rejoiced in the Lord.  That was the source of her strength and passion for life.
Cydney’s Inspiration for this scarf
I wanted to design this scarf first to honor my beautiful mother, Kathy.  I also wanted to share this scarf with many of the women that have surrounded me, believed in me, supported me, and encouraged me for my walk in life. We all have women we look up to, my Mother is one of them. The women shown in the pictures are all proverbs 31 women who have been an inspiration to my life May all of the women wear this scarf as a love covering, a mantle of praise and be blessed for the future ahead.