408 Behold the Camels are here!

Behold the Camels are HERE!
The inspiration for this scarf was to remind you that there are camels coming. Camel is a symbol of journey, wealth, strength, patience, and dedication, persistence, hope, abundance, and pilgrimage. The camel is a compassionate animal that always loves its offspring. Used as a sacred animal for centuries, it can carry any load because of its strong back and patient disposition. In India Camel was used in the army for his power and endurance. The declaration on the scarf is that behold the camels are coming. They are coming with abundance and provision for you this new year! This year is 2023, also 5783 In Hebraic calendar. The number 3 in Hebrew means 3 (gimel) Divine Fullness, Perfection. Gimel is a camel in Hebrew. It signifies to be lifted up. Pride is its negative side; being glorified or elevated to a position of authority is its positive side. The number three is the number of divine fullness, completeness, or perfection.
Cydney’s Inspiration for this scarf.
I just love Camels they have such a significant meaning for this year. Truly this is the year of the Camels! Your camels are coming! Do not lose hope or waver in your faith! Camels HAVE arrived! When we were in Israel last October, I was able to ride a camel! His name was “Spicy” the camel. Oh, what a Joy this was. We also hiked up a mountain overlooking the Sea of Galilee called Mt Gamla, which means camel! Gamla, alt. sp. Gamala (Hebrew: גַּמְלָא, lit. The Camel) was an ancient Jewish city on the Golan Heights. Then, get this… we found a winery called Gamla winery! Oh, you get me now… the Camels are here! Now go pass on the blessing to someone!