412 Illuminate True Love- The City of Lights- Paris, France

Paris, the City of True Love! Illuminate True Love!

Oh, Paris what a magnificent place where people go to fall more in love. This scarf is all about falling in love and seeing dreams manifest. Where do you dare dream in 2023 to go on an adventure and fall in love? It is time to dream and see things you only dare to dream! Think about taking a bite of a fresh pastry, walking down the city streets full of color and life! Walking or dancing in Paris in the spring when the land is in blossom! Oh, the scent! Oh, the fashion, and EVERYONE wearing scarves!  The fresh flowers that are on every corner, the scent of fresh baguette! Go and see the Eiffel tower in the morning and night, oh the majesty of this city of lights! For centuries Paris has been one of the world’s most important and attractive cities. It is appreciated for the opportunities it offers for business and commerce, for study, for culture, and for entertainment; its gastronomy, haute couture, painting, literature, and intellectual community especially enjoy an enviable reputation. Its sobriquet “the City of Light” (“la Ville Lumière”), earned during the Enlightenment, remains appropriate, for Paris has retained its importance as a center for education and intellectual pursuits.



Cydney's Inspiration for this scarf

My inspiration for creating this luxury scarf was all about romance and true love from the beautiful things each place in this world has to teach us. I wanted to create something so full of passion and life. That when you put on this scarf you will feel like you have been to Paris! Paris has everything I love and dream about! Good food, BREAD, pastries, wine, fashion, SCARVES, FLOWERS, character, people really live their lives here! There is awesome architecture and so much beautiful influence that can teach us and show us to live a life of romance and passion! I hope you enjoy this scarf as much as I do! I also hope and pray that when you put on this scarf you will start speaking François such a beautiful language.  Have you been to Paris? What do you love about it? Well perhaps you need this scarf and believe you will get there soon!

See first page for the Poem Cydney wrote for this special scarf, also below. The poem is on the card that comes with the collectors scarf.
Paris-The City of Lights (La Ville Lumièr)
Oh, the city of love. The city of life.
My Paris is a land where it is a twilight day
Merge into violent nights of black and gold;
The beauty I see will never get old
Young and mature.
The fashion allures
The gold nights, and the scented ways!
My spirit awakens and I just want to praise
The lights are dazzling, and my heart starts dancing
Beneath a beaming sun
I feel my life has just truly begun
Springtime in Paris
Oh God please prepare us
May my soul illuminate
My heart celebrates
My life demonstrates
This light lives within me
I must not keep it in, but share with all to see.
Paris is a place where I am truly most free!