419 Bear Much Fruit

Take an escape into this new and fun tropical design!
Oh this scarf is a prophetic reminder to you! It’s a full-on fruit punch HUG. Come and get refreshed and a nice dose of nourishment to your spirit!  YOU ARE BEARING SO MUCH FRUIT! Do you know?  Have you not heard that you are one powerful, fruit busting woman!  Every limb you reach out with is bearing new fresh fruit. Think of that: a new job promotion, think of the ladies meeting you decided to go to. Think about all of the new opportunities you have said YES to growing and expanding this year. Keep watch on your life advancing in new ways! You are going to bear so much abundance of fruit; it is part of who you are!  Every word that comes out of your mouth gives life and refreshes others. The way you receive words from others will also bear fruit. Your 2023 year is full of flavor and fruit. This scarf is rooted in the promise about fruit of the spirit! When we talk about these fruits of the spirit, we must remember that fruit is part of our nature. These things are not just emotions or behaviors, but they ALIVE IN YOU, A SPIRITUAL BEING, in a human body.  You are alive by these things. Of course, we all need to exercise to build up the weaker tasting fruits… sigh… (i.e., self-control, patience are too tough ones for me!) But remember that. Love is a fruit, not just an emotion, JOY IS A FRUIT! Not an emotion! Peace is a fruit! It lives in you! That means truly you should have it ALL of the time! When you wear this scarf your covered in so much fresh fruit, new joys new love, new peace, new patience, new lovingkindness, new gentleness the list of fruits goes on. Taste and see that your fruit is good! You are full of goodness! You are going to bear so much fruit!
Cydney’s Inspiration for this design
I wanted to create something fun that truly you would escape into this scene I painted on the silk, as a creative expression full of bounty and abundance. Could we ever visualize the fruit that we grow and bear in our lives? If we were to stockpile all of the fruit, could you imagine what it would look like? Well, this is what I wanted to create! There is no bad fruit because you are a healthy tree and are watered with love. I painted this crazy wild fruit stand; I visioned the Copa Cabana ladies with fruit on their heads and others rushing up to the fruit stand to get more fruit. The fruit stand is overflowing with fruit, the trees are bearing their fruit! There are baskets of fruit, bushels of pineapples, papayas watermelons endlessly. Some big some are small; some are powerful fruits like kiwi and zestful fruits like lemons! There is a harvest of fruit in this scarf! This is the creative expression of who you are and the beauty, the flavor, the creativity, the uniqueness, the limitless fruit- everlasting fruit that you will share with others in this lifetime! Call me crazy, but I really did have fun with this one! What is one fruit you love? What is one fruit you need to exercise its flavor in your life?  I did a unique border with baskets of fruit! All sorts of fruit! So, when you wear this scarf, it really is a FRUIT PUNCH to you! Reminding you, go out, bear some fruit, bear much fruit! Be refreshed and encouraged in this design! --- Cydney