405 - In Paradise with YOU

In Paradise with you

This Paradise design is going to take you to the celeste waters of the medditerrain sea. Calm, yet with waves that sooth the soul. The colors that are so vibrant they awaken every part of your innermost place. Your outside realm will shift as your heart set is always to be in your Paradise. Tropical hibiscus rose of Sharon blossoms that smell sweet like nectar. The life that flows graciously from the high palm trees in the wind. The smell of salt water that brings zest to your being. The life in this place is a place you must step into. And as you step in, never leave. Keep this place in your heart and you will neverleave your Paradise. It is always  within reach.

Cydney’s Inspiration

This is a design I created for a special place I have been many times. Jaffa, Israel- in Hebrew Yafo (Hebrew: יָפוֹ, Yāfō) or it is also called Joppa, the southern and oldest part of Tel Aviv-Yafo, is an ancient port city in Israel that overlooks the Mediterranean Sea. When we were in Israel it was very fun trying to follow the street signs when many places have THREE names and each time the sign could be different, yet all go to the same place! HA! Oh, what a Joy we had driving to Jaffa that one day! And that is the revelation I want you to have when you wear this scarf. Paradise is going to look different for everyone. It will take us to that special place with the one we love and adore. I created this design with a big window opening up. The scarf is surrounded by polka dots (of course) To remind you that look up and look out. Come up higher, the windows of heaven are open for you! The windows in life that are FULL of unlimited opportunities! Beauty and bounty. Refreshment and revival. Die to yourself and come up higher to meet with the one you love. His love will take you higher and into that special place, paradise.