One thing I ask, this only do I seek:

One thing I ask, this only do I seek:

One thing I ask and this only do I seek, that I may dwell in the House of Love all the days of my life, and gaze on the beauty of God – to be filled with awe and wonder, beholding His marvelous beauty - to seek Him in His temple...

Celebrate your heart song, as you embrace yourself in this new luxury scarf I painted for this fall,  “One thing I ask this only do I seek” It is inspired by one of my favorite psalms, Psalm 27.

I painted a setting in the wilderness, with a white bridge that you are destined to cross over into your promised land!  Picture yourself in a private wilderness where God would prepare a banquet table and extravagant setting as this painting. You are all alone, just you and God. He takes you to a secret place so He can show you the fresh color of His Love you never knew existed! You have no choice but to stop, and gaze on the beauty He has set before you, that you may commune with him. It is a gift from His heart to yours.  He shows you such wonder, wonder you never even knew existed until now.

This scarf is full of rich and vibrant fall colors adorning the forest: red, purple, oranges, mustard, yellow, green, olive and fresh blue streams of water gushing forth in the scarf. Oh the river of life that continually refreshes ons soul. 

 I adore this season of the year, the air is crisp and the leaves are hand painted by God himself. It really is  phenomenal how God expresses His handiwork in each tree - so diverse and full of detail, unable to be replicated. Truly God is the most famous fashion designer whom I adore. The source of birth for all inspiration!  He breathes life and the trees awaken with the glory of color.  I truly believe this inspires our outfits too!  The colors marvel in our hearts and help us to stop and gaze on the beauty of his handiwork. It is the unique beauty we get once a year and it is never tiring to look upon. I crave this time of year, because we encounter true glory colors!  When we find those spectacular trees and areas where the Glory shines brilliantly onto nature's oasis, that screams - Fall is here! We all know the drives down backroads, to be pulled and gaze upon the supernatural unequaled autumn beauty.

Gazing on the beauty of God comes in all different paradigms. To gaze on His Beauty is much deeper than looking at something pretty. It is finding the treasure, no matter what the situation. It could be your ride on the busy chaotic Go Train every morning: overflowing with bodies, people going somewhere vital.  You encounter a lovely family of five entering the train, where four other  people rise to offer their seat to this family for their unity to sit together. A priceless vision to see, putting others before themself. Serving one another and serving a stranger. That is a beauty of God, it may seem rare, but truly is a treasure!

It could be you, a mother, watching your children help one another, or children helping you this week prepare for our Canadian Thanksgiving. Children who want to help serve at the local food bank.

I find it so generous and beautiful where we live, seeing others assisting to carry  groceries to the car. Though I never really need the help, I love to watch how our younger generation helps the elderly here in Qualicum Beach. This is an unequaled beauty of God! The beauty of God can be in very big or very small things that bring joy and peace to the heart.  It is the desire to want to be a  bigger part of His presence to help others.

I have been overseas in Jerusalem on a work assignment with Love’s Pure Light, in support of the Jerusalem Children's fund. I have encountered so much beauty of God’s presence in experiencing 144+ harpists from nations around the world, playing in unity before the world. Every day for fourteen days we were blessed with the phenomenon of heaven’s sound. This was an unequaled experience and witness for my life! I will have much more to share in future.

To gaze on the beauty of God comes in all sorts of encounters:  we just have to ask and we will receive more of them. We are to fix our minds and thoughts on things above. Don’t get trapped in the swirl of the world’s negativity - it is not the reality of truth.  Sow into what is good, and where you feel God's presence and peace. Whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable—if anything is excellent or praiseworthy—think about such things, gaze on such things!  Sow into these things every day and watch your world change around you! Celebrate the beauty surrounding you every day, it starts with you making a choice.

I love to go for walks into the secret place where God takes me. It is so important we slow down, breathe in the beauty that surrounds us.  I have a special bench I love to sit on and just gaze at the wonder of God. Sometimes we are simply people watching, sometimes it is the special log by the ocean I love to sit on and watch the waves come crashing in and wash away my fears. It is those moments where I am reminded to keep my eyes fixed on Him. Focus on the goodness, the beauty, the wonder. 

 Psalm 27 ends with a wonderful declaration:  “Yet I remain confident of this:  I will see the goodness of God in the land of the living!” He simply reminds us, wait for the Lord; be strong and take heart and wait for the Lord.” dont become weary in the waiting... it will surely come and not delay! 

I painted this silk textile scarf to remind you to keep your eyes fixed on Him, gaze on His beauty, be the one that finds the treasure in a hard places. It is in that secret place, in that place that may seem like a wilderness season.. yet know this--- there is beauty, there is abundance, there is the beauty of heaven that is kept for you to encounter and experience. The white bridge in this painting is to remind you that you are crossing over to the other side!  

Only you know what that promise is, it will be fulfilled! 



  • Susan Barkman

    Beautiful words from beautiful you. Beautiful scarves too. God bless you as you stay close to Him ❤️

  • Susan Nagtegaal

    Beautiful! Your faith is so inspirational. A beautiful Psalm indeed! I love your scarves. They are beautiful and wonderful to wear and each one has meaning. They make fabulous gifts. I love the cards you send with the scarves. May you be blessed richly for your work. You remind us that there is always hope no matter what our circumstances are. God is with us, we must have faith. May you continue to reach out to Canadians and people around the world, offering hope and beauty with each scarf. May lives be transformed!

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