Faith over Fear

By Cydney Mariel Galbraith

Sept 4 2023

Victory IS a mindset. Did you know that you came into this world to be the answer, NOT the problem. How many times have you been positioned somewhere at the right place at the right time and thought, wow. Now that was a divine incident!

Too often we talk ourselves out of things. What is it that is holding you back from taking one step further to reach that goal, or accomplish that task? What is it that makes you shrink back? Self doubt, poor self worth? Insecurities of what other people think? Did you know those things and thoughts are lies? Lies can't come into your mind, but they can only influence how we think. So when those fears and worries come—-Cast them away!

You know if you believe something negative about yourself, it  can hold you back. We are in an era of using our voices. We see it everywhere on social media. People really want to be heard. God wants us to use our voices to speak forth things that are true, lovely, admirable, lovely and beautiful - to speak things that are going to break the lies in atmospheres and radiate the truth! You ARE a radiant speaker! When you open your mouth and decree a thing, it really can and will happen for you!

God has put so much greatness in you, if we could only fully comprehend just how much he loves us! He has promised such good things for our lives, a hope and a future, plans to prosper us and not harm us. He promises us, like this promise I put on the scarf : “ Fear not, for I am with you, I will uphold you with my righteous right hand!” ( Isaiah 41:10)

That means, do not fear! Do you know what fear stands for? FALSE EVIDENCE APPEARING REAL. Do you know what faith stands for? Forsake all, I trust HIM! God wants us to trust him and not fear what could happen if we take that step towards reaching our goals and dreams. Even if we fall, he promises to pick us back up. That is what victory is.  I relate this to myself. So many times I feel like I have missed the mark, failed, even fallen very hard and it's difficult to get up.  We all have our weaknesses, but guess what? You get back up, and don't make that mistake again! Even if you do, just try again. The heart of God truly is to see us go further then we dare dream!We always get a second, third , and fourth chance. We have been born into victory! Believe it!

These days, God put us here because he knew what he put inside of us. Greatness! Skills, and excellence for such a time as this! 

I wanted to start this fall season off with these words:  FAITH over Fear! I painted this textile for those who feel they are on the edge and need that breakthrough. You are at the edge of something new. We must be daring to take that risk to go close to the edge. Over the edge is a whole new horizon of beauty and abundance  for you to receive. You will see things from a whole new perspective and it will take you far.  If you take that one step, he will take the ninety nine. Love is holding you up even when you can't feel it.  You are not going to fail. It is impossible.

Faith over fear looks like this: it is a choice you must make every single day with every thing that could be thrown at you! Faith is a choice to believe that all things are possible! The only thing in this entire world that is impossible is for God to lie. That could never happen! He promises to uphold you through the good days and bad days, in righteousness- in good standing before all. His love conquers all. 

So I close in this: hold fast to these words: Faith over fear.  Make it your daily declaration. Faith over Fear. No matter what comes at you, make the choice to believe that good things are in store for you. Faith is what opens the door. Good things are already in position for you to grasp and take hold of. You have so much greatness inside of you, a well of treasure. Faith is what unlocks. You came as the answer to this world. 

Be free, and be strengthened as you exercise this muscle called faith! It just gets stronger and more beautiful as life goes on. Try not to think you know it all. Stay in the childlike faith with expectancy that anything can happen. Turn off the news, turn off your phone. Reflect on this word. Miracles happen. Believe in miracles this month. Speak it forth everyday with thanksgiving and praise. 

Is it something hard to believe in? Perhaps it is a health miracle you need, or something for a family member. Well, call up a friend and ask to have your friend attach their faith with yours. A culture of faith is an atmosphere for miracles to birth! This scarf is an embrace for you to be still and know in choosing faith, fear has got to go.

Get ready for the most wonderful season of color and life to birth in your life!


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