The blue flame is the hottest, most intense part of the flame. In fact, it is the purest part of any flame. When you see a flame, you are seeing something that is glowing with a certain color. Heat naturally causes things to glow. If you heat up a piece of iron hot enough, it will glow red. Heat it more and it glows orange or yellow. The temperature reflects the color.  
Now imagine with me, if we could look into the heart, what color would you see burning?  
How hot is your heart, and what color are you glowing?  
In the yellow part of a candle flame, you are seeing tiny particles of soot that are hot enough to glow yellow. But when we see a blue flame, there is complete combustion, meaning   there is more oxygen fueling the flame. Thus, the flame burns pure blue and very hot. There are no debris, biproducts or residue that needs to be burned. It burns pure blue.  
“May my heart burn for the things that are pure.”  
I painted the blue hearts for this very purpose. To remind us that the blue represents things that are pure, wholesome and worthy of the way my thoughts are to be directed each day.   
Valentine’s Day is upon us in a few days. 
 In fact, in my eyes, Valentine’s Day is EVERYDAY! It is a lovely day that we are able to shower those we love with a reminder they are cherished, not forgotten, appreciated. (For those who enjoy chocolate, Valentine’s is a time to also savor the joy of some good chocolate!) 
The blue is true and my message to you this week is may your heart burn like a mighty fire, a blue flame. For love is the most powerful thing in the universe. If we were to give all the wealth in our home for love it would be utterly scorned. You cannot buy love.  
There are types of love and the seed I want to plant into you today is Agape love.  
Agape love is different. It is not a feeling; it is a motivation for action that we are free to choose or reject. Agape is a sacrificial love that voluntarily suffers inconvenience, discomfort, and even death for the benefit of another without expecting anything in return. The world could always shine with more Agape love. 
Go the extra mile this week. I can guarantee it is less crowded! Demonstrate a love that burns pure, like that blue flame. Offer to shovel the snow from someone’s step that may not be able. Be a good listener. Lay down your own desires and put someone else first. Go surprise your neighbor with fresh baked cookies. Sit quietly and ask yourself how may I show more agape love this week.  
Your flame is beautiful. May it glow ever brighter and longer than ever before. 


  • Peggy

    Beautiful heartfelt message fr beautiful Cydney! Thank you, please sign me up for your blog!

  • Lois

    Yes let our hearts burn blue with your love Lord. Let all things that you do be done in love. Reading this blog reminds me of my mother her favourite colour was blue. So growing up our home had blue furniture, sheets towels and ornaments. She didn’t care about the type of car it just needed to be blue in colour. She nearly always wore blue and lots of her jewelry was blue. So when I think of her I see a blue heart.

  • Heather

    May My Heart burn for things that are pure too ! ❤

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