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The latest from Cydney for the 2024 Canada Collection!
A hand-painted original silk painting! Colors are vivid and actual, this piece will be hung on a wall, or worn around your shoulders. A prophetic mantle to wear this season!

"The Eagles"  This prophetic piece has so much depth and meaning to it. 

There are Eagles soaring across our nation to the nest.
A glory train running through our nation 
11 light beams bursting forth from our patriotic maple leaf- painted white represented that purity will arise and shine in our nation- yes purity and holiness will arise and shine forth
There is fire in the sky
Gods covenant rainbow sealing the art with a forever kiss from heaven expressing no matter what - he is faithful. His promises will never fail us!
It is called "Convergence"
A lovely poem is on this hand painted heirloom written by Cydney.  We are only doing a small batch production for the elect and called,  who will wear this banner of glory and continue to pray for our nation.
Avaliable middle of March 2024. Pre-order now incase we sell out. 

30% silk/ 70% modal fabric
Size will be same frame as the picture
75cm x 180cm 
Extra long fray edge
Made in Canada 
Sealed with LOVE 

Love's Pure Light Forever Promise

"The world may be saying war, But the Lord is saying ROAR. Canada my bride, Oh Canada my precious bride, I am your pilot. I’ve given you wings to soar!  Fear not the shaking, this is the great awakening. I’ve given you the keys. To unlock the tough doors! It is time. Stay grounded in the nest. Get nurture in the nest. So, I can feed you with my best. Refine you and give you zest. Rest your head on my chest. So that you can be refreshed. Canada you will burst forth. With spender and might. Purity and holiness. Oh what a sight! Prophesy truth to the world. The great King is coming! Prepare the way for the King of Glory. Who is this King of Glory?  The Lord Strong and Mighty, The Lord mighty in battle. Here comes the glory train. Here comes the later rain. 24-7 harp and bowl Heal the soul of our nation. Hearts become whole. This is the goal. You were created to soar. Never alone. Pick up the phone. But to shine together as his precious stones. Illuminating from his crown. To express his unity all around. Love to the nations. The lost now found. Nurture in the nest. Glean from his best. Now go tell the rest. Prepare the way for the King of Glory. Who is this King of Glory? The Lord Strong and Mighty, The Lord mighty in battle!" -- Cydney 

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