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Original Painting by Cydney

Needs a wall to bring Joy to!
25 3/4  x 25  x 1 1/4  inches
Celebrate a Love’s Pure Light Original Painting:
Created by Cydney and painted on silk.  The creative joy and humour of the artist radiates and celebrates with colour and imagination.
The painting is framed in a rich purple. 

Please contact us for more pictures and details 403-888-7455

Love's Pure Light Forever Promise:
You do not have to be a bride or even married to wear this scarf... for we are all Gods RADIANT BRIDE! You are clothed in ROYALTY and SPLENDOR! Enter the palace, enter the palace. The banner over you is LOVE. For you are being called higher! The scarf has been bathed in promise and handpainted by Cydney. Regal edges and hidden treasures in this scarf. There is an everlasting covenant over you life. Goodness will follow you all the days of your life. You are the Radiant Bride! YOU SHINE even on your worst day! Keep your head up and look to the things above. Your gown is glowing and interwoven with Gold. You set the standard. Your confidence is a weapon. Others turn heads and wonder what it is about you.... Keep shining beautiful Radiant Bride.
Love's Pure Light Forever Promise:

You will be a crown of splendor in the Lord’s hand, a royal diadem in the hand of your God.

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