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Original silk painting of  SURRENDER.

25 1/2  x  26 3/4  x  1 1/2  inches
Celebrate a Love’s Pure Light Original Painting:
Created by Cydney and painted on silk.  The creative joy and humour of the artist radiates and celebrates with colour and imagination.
The painting is framed

      D - 376   


There is power when you can lay it all down and trust love has a better way to work things out. Here I am down on my knees again. Surrendering all. Trusting. Laying it all down again. Giving my all. I am staying low. This I know love has a better way. All things will work together for the good.



To say that I surrender all is not a sign that I am weak or that I’m giving up. To surrender all is to give it back to God and trust that his love will fill my cup and raise me back up. Freedom from fear, understanding his love that captures me, Saves every tear, feeling his presence and knowing he is near. To surrender all means to trust that his love has a better way and he’s going to work it out for me. Even though I can’t see I will trust when I just lay it all down and surrender my heart will be free. I am going to let it go, and I will let hope grow. I’ll sit at his feet and wait a little while. Reminding a heart of simplicity makes him smile. I’ve always been a lay down lover, so here I’ll just simmer and hover. Humbly I’ll lay. Truth is I am reminded just how small I am, and how big he is. Little me and big God. I must remind myself of this but when I cast my cares upon him, he will take care of them. There is strength in my surrender. This I remember Gods great love will always my defender. God keep loving in my heart and keep being the centre.

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