Born to Create

I was born to create! I want people to go on a real love adventure and feel freedom through my art. I want my designs I paint to be simple enough that anyone could catch the beauty and message. I want people to step outside of their circumstances, fell love, and connect with heaven! Creativity makes people smile, laugh or even tear. You just never know how your uniqueness can touch another or set someone free! Creativity is the one gift that goes right to the heart before the head! When you hear a good song, or look at beautiful colors,  it brings warmth to your soul inside! This is something that brings beauty and ease. To create is to give life. Release your fragrance 
I love escaping in a painting to a place I have never been or seen! I love to paint a message that a picture would speak louder than any word.  This is the beauty of creativity we can lose ourselves, but also find ourselves at the same time! We must never stop dreaming!  There are no limits to where creativity can take you!  We must never underestimate the power within us. There are miracles in your hands!