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Miracles happen when you put this top on! It will GLORIFY every part about you!
Starting with the heart-first!
Love's Pure Light Forever Promise:

"I have made an everlasting covenant with you. I will never stop doing good to you!

Encounter and celebrate your life jubilee! You have been destined to a life of great treasure and rich discovery! Imagine, the radiance of an everlasting covenant is a forever, unforgettable, unchangeable promise. The two covenant rings painted are straight from heaven (be married or not).  Being marked by love that manifests with a forever love promise from above that will never let you down. The motivation of love is to only bless you and keep you in a position where you radiate Love’s Pure Light from the inside out! When your heart feels good, love just falls into place- you will shine with glory too! Imagine, the goodness of divine love cascades around you, surrounding your life with unstoppable joy. Hand painted jewels and precious diamonds, gentle cooing doves, rubies, pearls of wisdom, roses blooming without end, and hearts that pound with passion, in expectation of love radiating and overflowing through you to multitudes. Please, precious daughter - know how deep, how wide, how long and how far this extravagant love is for your life. You were bought with a price that is non-refundable, non-exchangeable, conspicuous and flamboyant with love that will never mislead or forsake you.  

This pure love is an everlasting covenant. Undefeatable. It will never let you down as an everlasting covenant. THIS LOVE IS FOR LIFE! 


This is an original hand painted silk textile by Cydney Mariel Galbraith. 


  • This is a lovely top you can wear numerous ways!
  • We have been test running the top, with different fabrics.
  • This Miracle top is in 100% viscose. It is just a touch heavier than the silk chiffon.  You can wear it as a v neck or as a high neck. It covers everything and you just need to throw it on over a tank top!
  • Size is fits all!

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