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Plunge into a Peony Pillow!

 Who does not love peonies? Like a big poofy pillow you can plunge your face into. Breathe in the scent of heaven and sweetness. Such a delightful flower! Soft hues with pinks, taupes, tan, softer colors make it wonderful to wear all seasons.  

Love's Pure Light Forever Promise:

 "And so you will inherit a double portion in your land, and everlasting joy will be yours!

There is an everlasting joy that comes when peonies are in bloom. A joy to your heart and a joy to your future! There is a double portion being released to you today!
I like to think of them as nature's tissues. Like a beautiful white pillowy tissue you can plunge your face into, take one big sniff and watch your fears melt away. Oh the comfort they bring to rest your head in a pillow of peace. Who could imagine God delighted to design such a magnificent flower so big and so bulging, rippling with layers of comfort and sweetness to the soul. Did you have a worry? Well go plunge your face into a peony and watch them melt away. Peonies of poise and peonies of perfect peace. So full of perfection and such a cup of splendor. They bloom for just a short while so enjoy them while you can!

Go on in and plunge your face into a pillowy peony!

 Luxury hand painted forever shawl:
  • 140 cm x 180 cm
  • Mammoth in size; may be styled in numerous ways or worn as a love wrap
  • Silk/Modal blend: 30 % SILK, 70% MODAL
  • Ultrathin fabric
  • Eyelash fray edges
  • Hand painted original artwork designed on pure silk by Love’s Pure Light
  • The art is now re-produced for production by Love’s Pure Light Luxury Silks Canada
  • Inspired by a promise because a promise is forever
  • Designed in Canada with love
© by Love’s Pure Light

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