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Original silk painting of THE RHYTHM OF THE BEACH.
23 1/2  x  22  x  1 1/4  inches
Celebrate a Love’s Pure Light Original Painting:
Created by Cydney and painted on silk.  The creative joy and humour of the artist radiates and celebrates with colour and imagination.
The painting is framed

When the wind blows through the bustling palm trees, a soothing song comes from the sea. When two hearts unite, they create a rhythm that's pure and bright. There is a place within our souls that we will find. When we find that special place, all darkness and confusion shall be left behind. There is a place where the water simply sings. When we get there, oh, what joy it will bring. At the beach, you hear that beautiful song. You even get a feeling where you belong. The colors of happiness are a hearts beat away. When I take off my stiletto heels and feet plunged in the sand.

I am sorry to say, but I think I am here to stay. There is hidden treasure that is unique enough to bring you the deepest pleasure. It is God's full delight to bring you the full measure! Some come to trot. Oh, bikini bum don’t turn your head or even think to stop. You might get a slap, so look the other way and cover those eyes with your baseball cap! You can eat an ice cream but better wait for the team. Baby those legs in that Love’s Pure Light luxury silk dress will make any man scream. Hanging out at the beach let me tell you it’s living the dream. I love the beachfront boutique shop till you drop! You know that one Sigrid’s? Well, it’s my favorite! It’s the one with that sweet woman _____ , you know she shares this pure love for free!

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