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Original silk painting of FULLY RESTORED.


25 3/4  x  24  x  1 1/2   inches

Celebrate a Love’s Pure Light Original Painting:

Created by Cydney and painted on silk.  The creative joy and humour of the artist radiates and celebrates with colour and imagination.

The painting is framed

Please see matching scarf here and here

                                       D - 385   FULLY RESTORED                                              

Come and play in the garden a little while. For when you are in the garden you are fully restored. Miracles happen. There is no sickness, pain, doubt shame, or weariness. All things become new and fresh. Your spirit is revived! So come play in the garden just for a moment or as long as you need. Splash in the river and dance with the dolphins. For when you are in the garden you are fully restored


For when I am with you in the garden, I am fully restored. My heart is full. I am fully free. No shame, no fear, no doubt. Freedom from anxiety. My health and body are in perfect health. I am healed. I am whole.  I am fully restored. I operate in the newness of life I  was designed for. Rivers of living water flow from my inmost place. I am fully restored. Every part of my life bursts with joy when I unite with you in the garden. There is refreshment. Oh, what sheer delight. Fullness of joy in your presence. My life reflects the radiance of pure life. For in you I am fully restored. I will walk in the fullness and receive my inheritance. For when I am in the garden with you,

   I am fully restored.                                                                                                        

Instead of shame you will receive a double portion, and instead of disgrace you will rejoice in your inheritance. And so you will inherit a double portion in your land, and everlasting joy will be yours! Cydney 


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