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"Swimming Sheep in Bikinis"

Love's Pure Light Forever Promise:

Swimming Sheep! It is time to take a leap into the great deep! There is a harvest arising. And it is time to reap. You can no longer stay asleep sweet shaggy Sheep! Go put on that bikini (don't worry who will see thee) Your mission is to catch those sinking and set them fully free! Swimming Sheep! Just go deep. You never know who you may meet. It is a land down under. A depth, an entirety of radical new wonder!

Are you one of those Sheep that has been asleep? Well, perhaps it’s time these Sheep take a leap into the great deep! Are you one? Are you hungry to reap? Well, you must understand a faith walk involves taking a leap. Eek! Now, put on your bikini and shine love so full, so complete! A bikini!? Will anyone see me? Oh, pretty Sheep you will never know unless you just go! You can’t hang on to that dead shagg for it will make you too slow! Will I sink? What do you think!? Before you know it or try to blink, you have a whole love army swimming in sync! Whoa, swimming Sheep just take 'er deep calleth unto deep. You deserve a delightful treat. You never know who you may meet (here down deep isn’t like a city street!) Bring your nets, aha, what the heck who really cares you've already jumped the deck! So, look here fancy Sheep, take a dive, don’t slide; just abide and get ready for the ride. You are going to the land down under where you find new wonder! Here under, reward will come when you just take the bloody plunder! The harvest is here, you know it has been near. Why fear? Every path to bring to them is now clear! Go on, keep up the cheer. Jump off the boat and go deep You are fishing for souls, such an endless hole. Gratefully, you have made catching lives the greatest goal!

See matching scarf here

Original painting by Designer Cydney Mariel Galbraith:

  • Approx. 24 in x 26 in
  • Painting comes framed, as pictured
  • 100 % SILK painting
  • Hand-painted, original artwork design
  • Painting comes with matching scarf 
  • Inspired by a promise because a promise is forever
  • Designed and made in Canada with love

© by Love’s Pure Light



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