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Loves's Pure Light Forever Promise:

"For as the soil makes the sprout come up and a garden causes seeds to grow, so our Sovereign God will make righteousness and praise spring up before all nations! LET PRAISE SPRING UP! Open your mouth and SHOUT PRAISES!"
Are you having a hard day? Are you having a good day. The one thing you can do is open your mouth- even if it is hard, and just begin to thank God for all he has done for you. Start with the small things like your health, your roof over your head, shoes on your feet and eyes that see and a mouth that speaks. Thank him for every little thing that first comes to your mind. Thank him for breath in your lungs and waking you up this new day. When you open your mouth and begin to thank him, then you will be able to PRAISE him. You will reccoginize his goodness that he has given you in the small things and big things too. You can then say I praise you God. Then as you would thank him for all the things you can endlessly list, begin to praise him for those same things. I can trust you your heart is going to overflow with praise and thanksgiving to the point where you realize you have a whole well inside of you of praise to God and more than you know to thank him for. Now In this moment: Doors will open supernaturally for you. Your faith increases as you speak forth the praises and thanksgiving. Your atmosphere will shift and watch the double doors open up for you into this new season. New relationships, trusting his heavenly hand in all that you do. He is faithful and true, and his love is for you! Righteousness and praise will spring up before all! Celebrate! Praise is celebration. Celebration is a source of smiles and unexpected anticipation of praise!
Luxury hand painted shawl: 
  • 140 cm x 180 cm
  • Mammoth in size; may be styled in numerous ways or worn as a love wrap
  • Silk/Modal blend: 30 % SILK, 70% MODAL
  • Ultrathin fabric
  • Eyelash fray edges
  • Hand painted original artwork designed on pure silk by Love’s Pure Light
  • The art is now re-produced for production by Love’s Pure Light Luxury Silks Canada
  • Inspired by a promise because a promise is forever
  • Designed in Canada with love
© by Love’s Pure Light

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