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"Earrings of Gold Studded With Silver"
Love's Pure Light Forever Promise:

Love must be extravagant. Earrings of gold studded with silver, white gloves, rhinestone pendant. Ruby red rich red hat, your turning heads, now you had better have time to chat! This is the only way. Love with extravagance to go deeper than ever true love never fashioned so clever! Express yourself with extravagance. Never say “I can’t”. Honey you know you can fit in those hot leather pants! What is a woman to say? For one should not care what one has to pay.
To encounter pure love wrapped on my body. THIS IS THE ONLY WAY. Oh, the luxury of pure love, I encounter it deeply within. It brings me onto my knees to pray. I catch the promise like catching the bridal bouquet. It is an everlasting covering. From the inside out, my heart no longer has any doubt. Oh, this extravagant love, my heart will never stray. I receive it in my heart first. My soul begins to thirst. I am not touched by extravagant love, one million butterflies inside of me burst. I am free to express. I am free to confess that the way I dress - I have just one to impress. I demonstrate my heart's best! No matter where I am at. Extravagant love. It is an inside job. My heart is fashioned in the finest of delicacies. Let me tell you this - Extravagant love is to express you are fully free. This is one of life’s unlocking mysteries. To reveal that you hold the very keys. Extravagant love. Extravagant fashion. The heart first: this is guaranteed. It doesn't make sense; we may never comprehend, the way pure love can encounter you. It is unthinkable and only heaven knows. Just how one might go, to say Your Love. To say Your Love, Oh the power of extravagant love. It is an inner expression gifted from above. Precisely what your life must consist of, Extravagant Love.
Original painting by Designer Cydney Mariel Galbraith:
  • Approx. 24 in x 26 in
  • Painting comes framed, as pictured
  • 100 % SILK painting
  • Hand-painted, original artwork design
  • Painting comes with a matching scarf 
  • Inspired by a promise because a promise is forever
  • Designed and made in Canada with love

See matching scarf here

© by Love’s Pure Light


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