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The latest from Cydney for the 2024 Canada Collection!
A hand-painted original silk painting! Colors are vivid and actual, this piece will be hung on a wall, or worn around your shoulders. A prophetic mantle to wear this season!

"The Eagles"  This prophetic piece has so much depth and meaning to it. 

There are Eagles soaring across our nation to the nest.
A glory train running through our nation 
11 light beams bursting forth from our patriotic maple leaf- painted white represented that purity will arise and shine in our nation- yes purity and holiness will arise and shine forth
There is fire in the sky
Gods covenant rainbow sealing the art with a forever kiss from heaven expressing no matter what - he is faithful. His promises will never fail us!
It is called "Convergence"
A lovely poem is on this hand painted heirloom written by Cydney.  We are only doing a small batch production for the elect and called,  who will wear this banner of glory and continue to pray for our nation.

30% silk/ 70% modal fabric
Size will be same frame as the picture
140cm x 180cm 
Extra long fray edge
Made in Canada 
Sealed with LOVE 


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